Ubuntu Desktop Guide

E-book ini merupakan panduan bagi kamu-kamu yang masih newbie (termasuk saya ^_^) dalam menjalankan sistem operasi Linux Ubuntu.

E-book ini berbahasa Indonesia yang merupakan terjemahan dari panduan Ubuntu berbahasa Inggris yang diterjemahkan oleh Tim Penerjemah Ubuntu Indonesia (l10n@ubuntu-id.org). Semoga setelah membaca E-book ini dapat menambah pengetahuan kita tentang penggunaan sistem operasi Linux Ubuntu.

Download E-book Ubuntu Desktop Guide

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free browser that have some special fiture. I can tell that because many people use it from day to day.

Some of Mozilla Firefox fiture :

1. Security: Malicous code that usually attack Internet Explorer is a problem that caused IE user migration to Firefox. If you add Google Toolbar, the security is much stronger. Google have contra-phising build sPP for Firefox that reduce stuck risk at phising scam.

2. Use: There is Tab fiture that reduce stack at taskbar, accelerate for browsing, and reduce the power of your PC when you browsing. Ekstension fiture Tab Mix Plus make you can open browser for the several tab, and this can speed the process than when I used IE.

3. And more another fiture.

The Favorite Fiture at Mozilla Firefox:

* Google Toolbar (You can search data at Google toolbar without open the Google site).
* Tabbed Browsing (With one window you can open more than 1 site with the tab without
open another window)
* Better Security (Help you to prevent spyware or adware attact)
* Pop-Up Blocking (Block the jerk pop up)
* Free Firefox Extensions (another fiture that can make your surf enjoy).


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