Dragon Ball Evolution

If you like watching anime you must know Dragon Ball, one of the popular anime that ever shown at television.

Dragon Ball had a long story from Goku since he was a child, merried with Chi-Chi and have sons (Gohan and Goten).

Now, that anime become real movie. " Dragon Ball Evolution " bring to movie by 20th Century Fox Studios.

The actors and actrees that cast at Dragon Ball Evolution:

Justin Chatwin ... Goku

Joon Park ... Yamcha

Jamie Chung ... Chi Chi
other cast:

James Marsters ... Lord Piccolo

Emmy Rossum ... Bulma

Yun-Fat Chow ... Master Roshi

Randall Duk Kim ... Grandpa Gohan

Ernie Hudson ... Master Mutaito

Texas Battle ... Carey Fuller

Shavon Kirksey ... Emi
Eriko Tamura ... Mai

Luis Arrieta ... Weaver

Richard Blake ... Agundas
Julian Sedgwick ... Mr. Kingery

If you want to look the trailer you can preview here:

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098327/fullcredits#cast


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