PES 2010 Running Time Error Visual C++ Fixed

Several days ago I've completed download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 ISO from the internet. After extract the ISO with 7zip to a new folder, I try to install it to my PC. But I got the problem after installed the game. When I try to running the game it showed an error warning:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!


Abnormal program termination

I try and try again but the game can't run. I use google to search the solution and find that many people got the same problem with me. I try every solution that I got from the internet but the problem can't fixed. The last solution that I'll take it is reinstall the windows. But I won't do that and yesterday I can running the PES 2010.

I try to install the game at my friends notebook and the game running without problem. When I install the PES 2010 at my friends notebook, I use Daemon tools and mount the ISO, after that I install it from virtual cd daemon.

Could it be the way that I used to install the game?

I uninstall the PES 2010 from my PC and reinstall again. After that my problem resolved. Here is my actions:

1. I don't have Daemon program, so I mount the ISO with Nero Image Drive.

2. I install the game from the virtual cd nero (windows explorer).

3. Copy the crack and vuelaaa.. the game is running. ^_^

I don't know why the game corrupted when I install from the extracted ISO and the game work when I install from mounted ISO virtual cd. Maybe you have the same problem with me and I hope my actions above can help solve your problem.


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