Falcao The Best Futsal Player In The World

Do you know Falcao?

Falcao is the best futsal player in the world. The Brazilian that recognised by FIFA as the world's Best Futsal Player in 2004 and 2008. Falcao is not only a futsal player but also football player. He started his football career with Corinthians in 1992.


Name -----> Alessandro Rosa Vieira, known as Falcão
Born ------> São Paulo, June 8, 1977
Height ----> 1.77 m
Weight ----> 74 Kg

Funny Football Actions

Comedy can happen anytime anywhere. And it could be happen at the football match. This video is one of many collection that show you funny actions at football match.

Bruce Lee Pingpong

This video is awesome. Tennis table player versus kungfu man dressy like Bruce Lee. Pingpong bats versus nuncaku. Funny and cool. ^_^

Christiano Ronaldo Chop style

This is the basic guide for novice soccer player doing the chop like Christiano Ronaldo . This move can be used to outwit the opponent.

Breaker Boy Freestyle Football

This is from Nike ads that showed many breaker boy doing football match with freestyle. The actions is awesome from Goalkeeper to the Striker. And supported with cool music and offcourse the dance. Enjoy it. ^_^

Freestyle Soccer Tyson Eyo

Freestyle soccer is a sport that playing soccer with awesome skill. The purpose is not make a score at opponent goal but showing as much skill that you have. This is one of the freestyle soccer player, his name is Tyson Eyo. Enjoy his show:

Long Range Shoot

Soccer is a sport that many people from diffrent culture play it around the world. It's because soccer is a cheap sport that only need ball to be played. That's why this sport played not only at developed country but also developing and undeveloped country.

Many skill at soccer is needed to be a good player. Pass, dribble, shoot, control, speed and other skill must have to be a good player like Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and other best football / soccer player in the world.

This video will guide a novice player that want to learn how to do a long range shoot at soccer sport. Enjoy it.


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