3 Ways To Get Traffic and Boost Page Rank

If you want to get a good traffic to your blog, you must promote your blog. There are many way to promote your blog. You can follow my blog tutorial below to promote your blog:

  1. Blogwalking and give a quality comment.
    Some blog make their blog dofollow. It means that your blog can get a backlink. If you give a quality comment, another comentators will visit your blog and want to know you closer.

  2. Create a signature with your blog link.
    Create your email and forum signature with your blog link. This will make you recipient want to know your blog and visit you blog. Create a creative and nice signature with your blog link.

  3. Register to Social networks such as identi.ca, twitter, facebook and others.
    With social networks, you can promote your blog. There are many people who want to know you and visit your profile. Make sure you insert your blog link. From this social networks you can gain more visitors and at some social networks you can also get a backlink.

Keep doing a research. Point 3 is a good idea to boost your traffic and Page Rank. There are so many social networks that maybe you don't know yet that can give you more visitor.

That's it my blog tutorial to increase your blog traffic and boost your Page Rank. If you have another way, please leave a comment.

All Star Moving, Help You to Move

There are so many company that sell services to help people. They make a hard to do become easy. Telecommunication service that can connect people from a far distance or delivery service that help people to send their packet.

One of service that people also need is pack up all the things when you want to move to another or new house. If you stay at San Diego, Irvine or Carlsbad and you want to move to another city, you need the service to help you move. One of the professional company that give the service is All Star Moving. You can visit San Diego movers if you stay at San Diego, Irvine movers if you stay at Irvine and Carlsbad movers if you stay at Carlsbad. The company will help you whenever you want to move. This company also the top rated company with A rating with the Better Business Bureau for 11 years.

Feel easy to move to another city with a professional company and have your time saved. I hope this information will be helpfull to you who want to move. Happy to move and enjoy your moving.

Mello Blogger Template

mello blogger template

Mello blogger template is a free blogger template just like my blogger template. 2 Columns with right sidebar and dominate with brown color. Simple with nice image and header.

You can view the demo here and download it here.

Get $1 a day Online

get $1 a day online

How to get $1 a day online from internet?

If you think you can hard to get more dollars from internet, than you should try this tutorial. Only read the article and rate it, you can get at least $1 a day. If you can get $1 a day consistently, you can count how many dollars that you get at 1 month. This program is not scam, you can ceck it from searching with google.

Follow this tutorial step by step:

  1. Register Here or click the banner below:

    readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

  2. After you have registered, open your email and click the link that send by the readbud to verify your account.

  3. Login to your account. Click tab Interest and cecklist 50 topics that you like.

  4. Click Articles tab menu and open the article:

    get $1 a day online

  5. A new tab or window will be open. Read the article and at the bottom give a rate (1 to 5 star).

    get $1 a day online

  6. There you go, back to the Articles tab menu and open the article again and again until there is no article left. You can get the new articles to read and rate for the next day.

  7. Try it and let me know how much you can get the dollars. You can redeem your dollars to paypal if you already collect $50.
Please give a comment if you have another way to get a passive income from internet or you want to say something about my post. Thank you.

Speed Up Your Blog To The Top Google Pages

Speed Up Reborn Blogger Blog

Speed up your blog from now on if you want your blog will be on the top of google's search pages. I choose to change my blogger template to W3C valid template and offcourse it's improve the loading speed. Google said that loading times / speed of the website or blog will effect the site or blog position in Google.

Matt Cutts who works for the Search Quality group in Google suggested http://code.google.com/speed to improve our blog performance. If loading times effect the search result, than the heavy blog that used many images, animations, videos and also music will be down to far. I don't know how far the effect since my blog loading speed is very good (I check with the Google Code: http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/ and I get 86 from 100).

So, what about you?

Prides Blogger Template

I share this blogger template who like to use 3 columns blogger template. This template is Free. I think this template is simple and looking nice.

Properties: 3 columns, header brown, fixed width, right and left sidebar

Download Here

Source: bloggertemplatesgenie

Blogger Template W3C Valid

After using a good graphic template for several months, I choose to change the blogger template. Simple and more important is W3C valid. Start from blogwalking, I arrived at one blog that very simple layout and I see the 2 unique widget (W3C valid and CSS valid). I realize that I'm a newbie at blogging, so I search the information about W3C valid and why it's important as a standard. You can find the information from wiki.

I start looking for the free W3C valid and there is so hard to find the template (I know HTML and CSS but I'm not an expert to create the template). Finally I find a simple one from this site. Even the valid W3C only the main page but there is enough for me. I add the another widget that very important to me (twitter and RSS) from the Edit HTML (I insert the widget from page element and I got error after that so I choose to insert it from Edit HTML). Right now, I'll try so hard to fix another W3C and CSS error.

You can visit this site to check your blog valid W3C or not. You can see that a big website like yahoo and google also have an error. Confuse? Than find the answer.

You can download my blogger template here.


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