Guitar Video Tutorial "More Than Words"

"More Than Words", I like this song. The first time I heared this song when West Life launch their album. When I searching at internet, the first singer this song was the "Extreme". I like the guitar melody and also the liric.

If you want to learn the guitar, maybe you can practice with this song:

Free Blog Tools

Every blog engine actually already provide text editor and image upload, but unfortunately you the tools have so many limitation, you also must login every time when you want to post your new article. Maybe Free Blog Tools in this blog can help your bloging activity. Some of this tools support picture upload, drag and drop and also support WYSWYG (What You See iS What You Get). But for use it you must download it first.

Free Blog tools that you can use:


Qumana is a desktop blog editor that easy to use, where we can use it when offline and than keep your article at your hard drive and upload it when you want. The interesting from Qumana is Qumana provide PPC (Pay Per Click) program. This mean if you show their ads and every visitor click it you payed and dollar come to your account. | Download


Desktop blog editor that very power full, support almost all blog engine and also supported many language. In my oppinion this Tools is the best and suggested to try. | Download


ScribeFire is Mozilla FireFox Extensions, so this tool works up of the engine browser Firefox and Flock. This tool is easy to use when you want to post, edit and upload picture plus easy to drag and drop. | Download


This tool si one of the Firefox pluggin Get Firefox with Google Toolbar , because use firefox extention so we must have Firefox browser. Beside used for posting, this tool also have some fiture:

  • Do automatic Ping process to some website services that choosed.

  • Easy text editing, text or HTML mode.

  • Support WYSWYG Editor.

  • Can edit to many blog at the same time (if you have more than one blog)

  • Support some of blog engine like Blogger and Wordpress.

  • And many fitur that you can exploreDan masih banyak fitur lainnya yang bisa anda coba :) | Download


You can use Flock Browser that actually already have Flock Blog Editor that include in one packet in the instalation file that you can use directly, this tool only support for blogger, wordpress and Typepad. | Download

If that Free Blog Tools is less than you hope you can try this tools:

Blog Desk
Mars Edit

Happy Blogging ^_^

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