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After using a good graphic template for several months, I choose to change the blogger template. Simple and more important is W3C valid. Start from blogwalking, I arrived at one blog that very simple layout and I see the 2 unique widget (W3C valid and CSS valid). I realize that I'm a newbie at blogging, so I search the information about W3C valid and why it's important as a standard. You can find the information from wiki.

I start looking for the free W3C valid and there is so hard to find the template (I know HTML and CSS but I'm not an expert to create the template). Finally I find a simple one from this site. Even the valid W3C only the main page but there is enough for me. I add the another widget that very important to me (twitter and RSS) from the Edit HTML (I insert the widget from page element and I got error after that so I choose to insert it from Edit HTML). Right now, I'll try so hard to fix another W3C and CSS error.

You can visit this site to check your blog valid W3C or not. You can see that a big website like yahoo and google also have an error. Confuse? Than find the answer.

You can download my blogger template here.


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