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Blog is like personal website that looks like journal. Why blog became popular?
The blog content is personal make the owner freely expression their self. Nowadays, Blog not only like diary or sharing, but also used as a business property. From day to days more blogger owner increased.

Blogger is one of blog site that easily to used. It's more easy if you have a gmail account, it's because Google acquisition So, Gmail's member can login to with their account.

It was simple, you only registration (if you are not Gmail's member), choose you'r template and then you can start posting what content you want to write. You also can customize your blogger template with widget or editing the html code. You can also add "Google Adsense" on it.

So... start your day with blog. Expressive yourself or sharing with the other.


timur matahari mengatakan...

singgah bertandang
di tempat ku ada kopi sidikalang dan bika ambon bermain kata
salam bloggersumut

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