Download File from Rapidshare Free Account with Download Manager

Download file from Rapidshare with Free account has a limitation. Rapidshare doesn't allow you to use downloader application such as Internet Download Manager (IDM). Many tricks can do to download file from rapidshare with IDM.

Follow this steps :

  1. Search file that you want to download (link rapidshare), example:

  2. Buka link

  3. Like the picture below, (A) Choose RSPLG Server, (B) Enter the Security Code, (C) Paste the Rapidshare link that you want to download, (D) Click Download it.

  4. When you click “Download it, RSPLG will download the file from Rapidshare and put the file to they own Server and then they give us a mirror link to download the file.

  5. Copy that link to your download manager like Internet Download Manager ( IDM ), Internet Download Accelerator ( IDA ), Download Accelerator Plus ( DAP ), dll.

  6. Finally the file successful to download with download manager.

Enjoy it, and if you don't mind please leave a comment.

Source: Xcode


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