Protect Your Facebook Account from Hacker or Cracker

Facebook Hack
Facebook is the biggest social networking website that most of internet users access it everyday. Not only facebook used for searching friends but also used for getting entertaintment and informations.

But, do you know that many facebooker lost their account? They lost their account not because they forgot their password but because their account has been hacked. Many black hat hacker try to hack facebook account not only they enjoy to do that but they want to get something from the victims. There are various purpose the black hat hacker go to the actions, like want to get the coins or chips from facebook game (Poker, etc) or want to get important information from their victims.

What we must do to protect our facebook account?

You can follow this tips for protecting your Facebook:
  1. Update your antivirus and scan your computer, make sure your computer is clean from addware (especially trojan and keylogger). If you browsing from internet cafe, you can fill your password with On-Screen Keyboard.

  2. If you browsing internet from public computer, make sure you clear the cookies (Ctrl+Shift+Del) before you turn off or restart the computer.

  3. Beware from the fake facebook website. Make sure you ceck the URL address that point to Facebook website. Many phiser use fake website to trap the internet users.

  4. Never ever create your combination password with your personal data like birth date. Create unique password with letter, special character and number combination.

  5. Beware from installing facebook application. Note that the application free from phiser.

  6. Beware from message that ask for your facebook user and password.

  7. Beware from Email that ask for reset or forget password.

  8. Never ever give your Email account (user and password) to other people. If the black hat hacker know your email password you'll lose everything (your email and your facebook).
Maybe you know another tips, please share from the comments. Thank you.


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