How to Backup Your Blogger Content

How to Backup blogger content? You'll think if that anyway to do that. Not only blogger template that you can backup but you can backup your content too. Backup content is very important. Some website or blog somehow and sometime get a damage risk. Not only from the black hat hacker, virus or server maintenance can cause the damage but the damage risk can caused by the user mistaken. Beside reduce the damage risk, you can also backup your blog content to be a collection. Maybe your blog has many tutorials that needed by people around.

Here is my way:
  1. Download and Install HTTrack.

  2. Open it.

  3. Fill your name project and source folder to save.

  4. Insert your blog address, example:

  5. Next > Finish.

  6. Wait for the process.

  7. Done.
You can also use another blogger program to backup your blogger content like backup blogger. It's very important to do the backup and I hope you backup your blog too.


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