Cleaning Your Blackberry Memory (Speed up your blackberry)

At my previous post, I write about blackberry tips "Deleted Files Are Still Appear On The Blackberry", and now I want to share a simple tips about blackberry. Some people have a problem with their blackberry. Sometimes and even often, their blackberry become slower and hangs.

If you have the same problem you can try this tips:

  1. Go to the "options" :

  2. Select "Security Options" :

  3. Select "Advanced Security Options" :

  4. And then select "Memory Cleaning" :

  5. At the status choose "Disabled", and then press your BB menu and select "Clean Now" :

Wait until the process done and hopefully your blackberry going to normal and faster. I hope these simple tips useful for you, and leave comments if you don't mind. Thank you.


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