Form Contacts Sent to Email Through Blogger

If you have a website or blog, you should have menu to keep contact to your visitors. Some of it is chatbox or form contact. At chat box, the message is general because all the message sent also read by all the visitors. Diffrent with form contact, the message from the visitor, sent to the blogger / website owner.

You can add chat box menu to your blog from other website that provide it, such as chatbox and shoutmix. For form contact, you can add it from this site.

Follow this steps:

  1. Register to emailmeform.

  2. Verify your register by clicking the link from email that you received.

  3. Login, choose "Template" and choose "Customize".

  4. Click "Add Field" to add the other field.

  5. Save your settings and going back to "template" menu.

  6. Click "Code" to get the codes and choose the second menu "HTML with Javascript/CSS".

  7. Copy that codes. Now, return to your blog. Choose "Posting" menu, select "Edit Pages" and create "New Page". Give it a name (I named it "Contact Me") and paste the code at "Edit HTML" mode.

  8. Create a link to your page (at my case the page's address is It shown below:

  9. Here is the message that sent to my email:

    You can test it here and I hope this tutorial usefull for you. Please give a comment if you don't mind. Thanks.


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