How To Upgrade Blackberry OS to OS 6

Blackberry has launched the new operating system version 6. But not all devices can be upgraded. Recently I upgrade my BlackBerry operating system to version 6. I use a Blackberry 9700 T-Mobile. If you want to try to upgrade the BlackBerry operating system you can follow the tutorial below, but do with your own risk.

Follow these steps:

  1. Backup data from your blackberry using the Device Manager (DM). You can install the DM from the CD included in the box when you first bought blackberry or you can download it.

  2. Download and install BBSAK software. You can download it here.

  3. Download and install Blackberry OS 6. You can download it here (select your service provider and choose your blacberry's type, e.g. Blackberry Bold (TM) 9700 smartphone).

  4. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader, and delete vendor.xml.

  5. Open BBSAK and click Wipe Device.

  6. Wait until reboot and 507 error screen appear (No OS at your blackberry).

  7. Still at BBSAK, click Load OS. Choose your OS 6.

  8. A new window will appear, choose next and select your application's pack to installed. Next until your blackberry reboot.

  9. Your installation has been complete. Now, open Device Manager and restore your backup files.

  10. Finish. Enjoy your new OS. Here's my blackberry's screen:


Zul mengatakan...

Wahhh..keren abess nih postingannya...sangat bermanfaat terutama buat user BB (in trouble) ada pict adek fatih jg...hehe
mantap van, ditunggu tutorial berikutnya.... ^_-

Ivan Jaya mengatakan...

Hehehe... Karena kemarin masih ada garansi jadi mau coba-coba bang. Ternyata mirip seperti install OS komputer.

Zul mengatakan...

Byk para user yang msh punya grs tp gk brani coba van... hehe
ibarat kata pepatah " Keberanian Pengaruhi Keberhasilan " sib bro.. mantabbb...sukes sll...

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